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Jerry Holl interview with KSTP TV – Minneapolis / St. Paul area ABC affiliate – Feb 21, 2018

Attach is the web link of a full interview Darren Wolfson, a reporter with KSTP TV, Channel 5 – Minneapolis / St. Paul area affiliate did with Jerry Holl on Feb 21, 2018 – relating Jerry’s Alaska to Mexico solo cycling journey to his son, Justin Holl, getting called up to the NHL to play in his first 2 NHL games.  Justin went on to score in each of those games.

Hockey Night in Canada – Elliotte Friedman – — Feb 7, 2018 – Point #23

Point #23 in Elliotte Friedman’s piece in Sportsnet dated February 7, 2018

23. Downloaded Downhills Don’t Come Free, written by Jerry Holl. It’s a fun read about the author, a husband and father who quit his job in May 2012 to cycle from Alaska to Mexico. At the time, son Justin was 20, a Blackhawks’ draftee finishing his sophomore year at the University of Minnesota. Last week, almost six years after the life-changing experience, Jerry watched Justin score in the latter’s first and second NHL games.

Holl, an emergency call-up, went back to AHL Toronto when the Maple Leafs got healthy, but graciously answered a couple of texted questions about his father’s experience through a team spokesman. First, how much did Jerry’s decision to quit his job and live a dream influence your own route?

“It definitely had an impact on me,” he wrote. “Mostly just the general theme of you can do way more than you think, and if you want to do something, just go out and do it.”

I followed by asking what his favourite part of his father’s journey was, and he referred to a bike crash late in the story. “Again, it’s the theme of no matter how strong you are, how well-prepared you are, things always have the potential to go wrong, but you have to ask yourself is it a big thing or a little thing? Overall, most of the problems you have in life are little things.” Great advice, and a highly recommended read.



Book Signing Event — Prestigious Warwick’s Bookstore — La Jolla California – Jan 21, 2018

The famous and prestigious Warwick’s Bookstore in La Jolla, California hosted Jerry Holl in a book signing event for his award winning book, Downhills Don’t Come Free, on January 21, 2018.  Warwick’s routinely features notable or world famous authors.

“Downhills Don’t Come Free” has been added to Adventure Cycling Association’s catalogue

Adventure Cycling’s Association is a 60,000+ member association dedicated to bicycle travel throughout the world.  They have added Downhills Don’t Come Free to their 2018 Spring / Summer catalogue. The link is:

WCCO 830 AM Radio – Jerry Holl was a guest of radio personality, John Hines at 6:20 AM – December 27, 2017

John Hines was filling in for Dave Lee’s early morning drive time slot and highlighted my journey through an interview for 6 – 7 minutes.  Here is the link to the interview – the John Hines / Jerry Holl segment begins at the 8:40 mark.  Please copy and paste the following link into your browser.

2017 Book Excellence Award – online posting – “Downhills Don’t Come Free”

November 13, 2017

Hi Jerry,

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Lake Minnetonka Magazine – Article in November 2017 issue —— an article on Jerry Holl’s inspiring cycling adventure from Alaska to Mexico.  To see the magazine article, please go to and use the search window and enter Jerry Holl.

Cover article of October 2017 South Lake Neighbors magazine

The Adventure Sports Podcast –

Here is a one hour telephone interview of Jerry Holl by The Adventure Sports Podcast.  A totally entertaining recount of Jerry Holl’s adventure of a lifetime – his solo and unsupported bicycle journey from Alaska to Mexico – when he was 57 years old and had zero distance cycling experience whatsoever.  It details several amazing and inspiring stories and lessons learned in this interview.

Minnesota Sun Sailor article – September 20, 2017

Sun Sailor article — Sep 20, 2017. Here is a link:

Amazing Inspiring and entertaining adventure — rife with incredible stories and lessons learned.  We can all do more than we think!